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Trainer, Educator, Competitor, and qualified Equestrian Australia Level 2 Instructor and Coach Educator with an Equine Business Degree. Imtiaz has managed and coached several International Young Rider teams in Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing. He has pioneered International Study tours all over the world including the U.S, Australia and New Zealand giving his students International exposure.

He has trained and worked with some of the best riders in Australia, England, France, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United States. His passion, commitment with a rare ability to go above and beyond for his pupils is admirable. His simple but intense practical approach to the sport and his involvement in the overall development of his students is unique. He coaches and mentors all his students to reach their maximum potential. If you have it in you, he will walk the talk with you.

Imtiaz gives Clinics and Mentorship workshops globally and is a guest motivational speaker at sporting events.


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SeaHorse Equestrian Training Facility

Seahorse Equestrian is one of a kind Equine Training Center located on the beach side home of Olympian rider and trainer, Imtiaz Anees. A unique training facility for horses and riders for any equestrian discipline. A serene setting in a small fishing village Nargole, Gujarat (180 km from Mumbai, India) away from the hustle and pollution of the cities where your horses can enjoy walking on the beach, swimming in salt water with the lovely sea breeze enjoying the soothing sound from the waves.

At Seahorse we take pride in the care and professional management of the horses, designing a specific work plan for each one. We are a boutique stable and your horse is not just a number for us. We grow our own organic Lucerne and combine it with international feed providing the best nutrition.

My emphasis has always been on correct education and foundation for all horses. The amalgamation of exercise, stabling, turnout time, and salt water therapy along with hill work, we have it all for your horses to succeed.

We are in no rush; our number one priority is to encourage relaxation and then teach the horse to move properly off the leg; we want horses to work actively forwards as once the hindquarters begin to engage, we can then think about working into a contact.

We take pride in our quality training and conscientious care.


We at Seahorse specialize in teaching all Equestrian Disciplines, where you can take lessons and equine management courses on our beautiful beachfront facility, with Olympian Imtiaz Anees the only qualified Level 2 Instructor in India.

We offer certified weekend and weekday packages at our charming homestay. You could be a beginner or a professional rider and we offer a tailor-made program for everyone.

In these trying times, we are all dealing with different levels of stress especially with children who are constantly on their electronic devices, Seahorse is a perfect getaway, where you can learn and ride for pleasure for the entire family.

We at Seahorse look forward to welcoming you.

Thousands of racehorses come out of training every year and what happens to them after has always been a cause of concern for me. Retraining racehorses has been my passion and I have been successfully working with them for over two decades.

The ex-racehorse is a truly versatile creature that is able to turn its hoof to many things but that said they are not for everyone, so one should take plenty of advice and correctly assess your own abilities both in and out of the saddle before deciding to own one.

The re-trained racehorse can, in the right hands, is quite capable of competing at levels, which suits the vast majority of riders and is also an enjoyable ride.

Working with these horses is so enjoyable and rewarding – gradually erasing all that has gone before and effectively creating a completely new character.  When beginning a program of re-education, we are mindful that we are dealing with a horse that thinks it already knows what is required of it, unlike starting with an unbroken horse; Also, the horse is required to change its whole way of life and thinking. It is a long process and extreme patience from patrons is the key criterion for success.

Working and training with Equestrian Horses has been my core strength and success. I have trained at the Cadre Noir Classical Dressage School in Saumur France and with Diana Wilson (International Dressage and Event Rider) who was my mentor and who was responsible for my strong foundation in Dressage. My training starts with an emphasis on the ground and flatwork making them more balanced and obedient under saddle and developing the correct muscle structure to perform any equestrian discipline. This not only improves their Dressage Score but improves their jumping. If you are not a competitive rider you will enjoy the pleasure to ride a well-schooled horse that is responsive to your aids.

We offer one to six-month packages to train them and for you to come on the weekends to stay at my homestay and enjoy the hospitality, ride on the beach, take your horses for a swim in the Sea and take lessons. I have had the opportunity in my career to train several horses and riders to National and International level in the U.S and Australia.

We are stabled in a natural healing environment on the beach and have access to natural salt water therapy and the best footing, we can keep your horses fit in the off season or when you are traveling. We also rehab horses with an injury. We have a full program to bring horses back after tendon, ligament, back, and other injuries. They are also pampered with the Equissage (Equine Massager).





Train with an Olympian


‘His honesty and talent creates in his friends a natural wish to help him reach the “mountain top”. His true charm is never calculated and allows him to share his own dreams.’ Hamish Wilson ex-CEO Rhône-Poulenc.

An Absorbing story about a young man making his dream of competing in the Olympic Games come true. The high and lows of his journey, the stories of the many people who helped him ride his way to every event and every success. Of his many horses that came into his life with whom he shared a special bond. As he says in the book “If you want something badly enough you will do anything to get it.” Sherna Gandhy, Journalist.

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